We receive many calls from dancers, parents, studios, and stores asking for ALL BLACK. We quickly learned that some studios only allow their dancers to wear black, so here we are making it easy for you! Below is a list of all of our items that are completely BLACK. We do offer other items that have black as the main color, but your wish is our command so here is your Divina Blackout Guide!

Youth and Adult


Y01/A01 Black Triangle Top

Y06/A06 Black Betsy Top

A09 Black Hazy Top (adult only)

Y16/A16 Black Dot Lace Lola

Y19/A19 Black Lace Crop Top

Y20/A20 Black Audrey Top

Coming Soon: Y27/A27 Black Siera Top



Y001/A001 Black Hip Bootie Short

Y004/A004 Black Strike a Pose Short

(Coming Soon: Black Embossed Strike a Pose Short- featured on model on far left)

Y008/A008 Black Divina Proz Short

Y006/A006 Black Yoga Pant Crop

Y006B/A006B Black Yoga Pant Long



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